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Civil Conversation – Bristol. While not being my greatest photos it does flag up an interesting point. UK law states the electric scooters fall under the same category as Light Electric Vehicles, and therefore need […]


Thank You NHS! -And there will no doubt be another round of applause again tonight at 8pm for the NHS and other keyworkers… Ironically, I’m sure the ‘tory voters will be clapping too. Instagram: @jonathantaphouse


Empty Prices – Clifton I’m always amazed by the prices of the engagement rings, and I love seeing them all glistening through the windows of Clifton’s fine Jewellers. Covid-19 has changed all that, only the […]


Photographing the Bride’s father as he’s getting ready is always a special moment, the emotion and pride he feels has to shine through in my images. I use vintage leica lenses on modern digital camera […]


Chloe, love story. Sometimes it’s the little details that tell the story. I always find a little time to set up some detail photos of the Bride’s shoes, perfumes, gifts and Jewellery… they look great […]


Ian & Carly leaving the Church at Huntsham Court greeted by an isle of sparklers on NYE. Definitely one of the benefits of a winter wedding!! Instagram:@taphousephotography


Some wedding gifts are just too heartwarming. This is Mark’s tie-clip, it is engraved with his late mother’s handwriting – beautiful. Instagram:@taphousephotography