Category: Wedding Photography


Ready! I love to take a portrait, just before the Bride leaves for the venue – in this case Jess was just about to venture into the rain. (Taken on the 50mm Noctilux). Instagram:@taphousephotography


Photographing the Bride’s father as he’s getting ready is always a special moment, the emotion and pride he feels has to shine through in my images. I use vintage leica lenses on modern digital camera […]


Chloe, love story. Sometimes it’s the little details that tell the story. I always find a little time to set up some detail photos of the Bride’s shoes, perfumes, gifts and Jewellery… they look great […]


Ian & Carly leaving the Church at Huntsham Court greeted by an isle of sparklers on NYE. Definitely one of the benefits of a winter wedding!! Instagram:@taphousephotography


Some wedding gifts are just too heartwarming. This is Mark’s tie-clip, it is engraved with his late mother’s handwriting – beautiful. Instagram:@taphousephotography